Strategic Partners is a team of real estate finance professionals, dedicated to supporting your business.

Our mission is to provide creative solutions for our customers;

- by developing strategies together with them,

- through close communication,

- and with our dedicated and talented team.

We will grow in our expertise as we understand our customers' needs and provide them with innovative and value-added services, contributing to society as a whole.


31 August 2018

Registration of money lending business completed

As of 31 August, we have completed the registration of money lending business.

10 May 2018

Registration of Type II financial instruments business completed

We completed the registration of Type II financial instruments business on 10 May 2018.

24 January 2018

Please beware of companies which also bears the company name hStrategic Partnersh.

On 24 January 2018, Financial Services Agency published an administrative measure towards two companies as follows, which have the company name hStrategic Partners".

- Strategic Partners (Kabushikigaisha Strategic Partners in Japanese)

- Strategic Partners Investment (Kabushikigaisha Strategic Partners Investment in Japanese)

* Their registered address: Ginza 1-15-7, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Please be careful that we, Strategic Partners Co., Ltd. (Strategic Partners Kabushikigaisha in Japanese), have no connection and relationship with these two companies.

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